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Who is Domestic Pet Rescue?

We were established in December 2002. Registered under Domestic Pet Rescue as a non-profitable organization. We take in unwanted, stray and older dogs


Where is Domestic Pet Rescue Situated?

We are situated in Benoni, Gauteng


Is Domestic Pet Rescue a "Put To Sleep" shelter?

NO! Pet Rescue is a No-Kill, pro-Life animal shelter


How does Domestic Pet Rescue sustain itself?

Domestic Pet Rescue is a Non-Profit organization that relies solely on sponsorships and donations to sustain all its resident animals


How does the adoption procedure work?

After a individual applies for adoption we do a homecheck to ensure the animal is going to a good forever home. following the homecheck, the animal will be sterilised, vaccinated up to date and de-wormed, after wich an adoption fee of R750 is payable. Next a legally binding contract stating that the animal remains the property of Domestic Pet Rescue is signed, and the dog/kitten can go to its new home! Read More about the adoption procedure.


Can I only adopt adult dogs/cats?

No. we have a wide variety of dogs and cats available for adoption. All ages are adoptable, but in case of a puppy or kitten being adopted, they HAVE to come back at 6 months old to be sterilised, as stated in our T's & C's.


What do I do if I am unable to keep or care for my adoptive pet any longer?

All our pets remain the property of Domestic Pet Rescue. If at any time you are no longer able to care for them, they are to be returned to us ONLY! You are legally not allowed to give them away, put them in foster care or surrender them to another shelter. Remember you sign a legally binding contract when you adopt.


Will my new dog/cat need to be sterilised?

Yes. Sterilization is non-negotiable. In case of a puppy or kitten being adopted, you must return them to us at 6 months old to be sterilised