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The prospective new owner comes in and view

Next we then do a thourough home check

If the dogs is already sterilized we can do a home check before. This saves time and if they like the dog and the dog likes them, they can go straight away. If the dog still needs to be sterilized, the new owner can collect him/her once it's done.

Our adoptions work like this....
The first person who does an enquiry is given first choice, we do take info from other people for the same dog in case the home check fails or the family changes there mind.

So please people if the dog you have enquired about has found a home understand it is not personal. You also will not be given first option because you have assisted in the past or by generally telling me that you wont help again because the certain dog you wanted went to ...someone else.

All is done fair and square in the right way........I understand the disappointment but if you have called earlier you would have been number 1.



    • If doesn't work out, the pet must come back to us.
    • We are also inforcing micro chipping